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Labradorite Puff Heart


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  • Model: 1GSAHW23
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Beautiful gemstone puff heart, palm, thumb or worry stone is hand carved from labradorite. Carry a palm, thumb or worry stone with you in your pocket or purse, whichever feels right for you. Whenever you start to feel worried or stressed hold it in the palm of your hand, rubbing the stone with your thumb until your negative feelings go away.

Labradorite is a type of feldspar which crystallizes in the form of masses, grains and tabular crystals. The colour range includes white, yellow and grey. Often a display of spectral colours, due to the interference of light rays from the plate like composition, causes labradorite to flame with patches of peacock blue, coppery red or dusky gold labradorescence.
It assists in inspiring one to introduce the teachings of other worlds to this world of love and light, bringing assimilation and illumination to further the advancement of humanity.

Weight: 65g
Dimensions: 40mm H x 45mm L x 23.5mm D
(Conversion: 2.5cm = 25mm = approx 1" inch)

You will receive the Labradorite Puff Heart pictured



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